Value-adding B2B SaaS platform for real-estate owners


Refurbishment as a Service

"Value-adding B2B SaaS platform for real-estate owners”

The problem


  • Delayed delivery of materials
  • Late 3D drawings
  • Lack of ideas
  • Difficult to find labour
  • Unclear process


  • Lots of administration
  • Resource demanding
  • Lost rental income

Quality and conflicts

  • Lack of communication
  • Unclear agreements
  • Low quality on delivered work
  • Lack of trust

Our solution

Shineup wants to solve the current situation with a market with the high cost and low productivity. We want to save costs and time by leveraging the use of technology and experience. 


Our team has extensive experience from real-estate, refurbishment and software development.


Our service will soon be launched and we hope you will be one of our first clients. Please add your name and email so we can contact you for a pilot in the coming weeks.

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We have a core team with extensive experience from technology, real estate development, LEAN processes, refurbishment and software development

Idea and timing

Construction business is one of least digitalized and least innovative, but now starting to adopt. Shineup will benefit from the transaction now happening in the tech sector as a first mover.


Our solution compose of technology available in the market, and develop algorithms and AI functions to improve refurbishment projects


We have already several pilot projects made in Lithuania and Norway. In February we will refurbish more than 5 apartments for larger real estate companies in Oslo.

About us

About us

Shineup is a proptech startup based in Oslo targeting professional owners of apartments for rent to help them refurbish their apartments faster, better and easier using our digital tool for planning, ordering, executing and delivering projects.